Rotary Correction KIT for Heavy Swirls & Sandpaper


Kit: Standard Backing plate

Tax included


This is all you need to remove 1500g to 3000g sandpaper marks.

Kit includes

Swartz Tool Rotary Polisher


250ml 3D ACA 500 X-Tra Cut Compound

250ml 3D 520 ACA Finishing Polish

Optional 3D Flexible Backing Plate

If you have corrected your paint finish with sandpaper, this is what you need to get those scratches completely out.

After Sanding with 1500g, 2000g or 3000g

Step 1: Apply 4 dots of ACA510 Xtra Cut to the orange wool pad. Set the 
              machine to level 3 and polish the sanded area. Polish till the sand
              paper scratches are gone.

Step 2: Attach the Blue pad and apply 4 dots of the ACA520 finishing Glaze.
              Set the machine to level 3 and polish the area till a perfect scratch free
               finish is achieved.

Step 3: Attach the Soft black pad and apply 4 dots of the ACA520 finishing
                Glaze. Polish again for a perfect finish.


SWARTZ TOOL BUFF 180mm back plate, variable speed

Ideal for automotive or marine use. This electric sander and polisher is ideal for use on cars, boats, motorbikes etc. It restores a brilliant finish to good paintwork or quickly sands off old paint or corrosion prior applying new coatings. Running at slower speeds, it uses lambs wool bonnets and compounding sponges for surface polishing; at higher speeds it is ideal for effective sanding using abrasive discs. The large, ergonomic D handle may be attached for either right or left handed use. It also has variable speed settings It is supplied with an artificial lambs wool bonnet, velcro rubber pad The spring loaded spindle lock makes accessory changes quicker and easier.



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