Hurricane 2.0 Paint Correction Kit

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The quintessential kit for detailers to produce swirl-free finish in auto detailing. The Hurricane Paint Correction Kit consists of OSREN’s Hurricane Dual Action Polisher with the necessary combination of polishing abrasives and pads to tackle defects on most types of paints.

The 5” Hurricane Dual-Action Polisher with 15mm throw hits the sweet spot for modern cars’ surface design while capable of producing professional results whether it’s hard-paint or soft and sticky paint.

A highly recommended kit for enthusiasts or professional users in getting started or becoming a professional in paint correction.

Consists of:
- OSREN Hurricane 2.0 Dual Action Polisher (15mm Throw)
- NAO Compound 46 (300ml)
- NAO Polish 36 (300ml)
- Perfect Cut 20 (300ml)
- 5.5” Foam Disc Grey Heavy Cutting (140mm)
- 5.5” Nano Wool Pad Blue Foam (140mm)
- 5.5” Cool DA Foam Pad Orange Light Cutting (140mm)
- 5.5” Cool DA Foam Pad Black Finishing (140mm)

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