Have you heard of Hydrodipping?

Most people have seen videos on the net about this. Basically its the process of applying a graphic to a product. There are many different graphics available, from Carbon Fibre to Camo effects. Dave's done some hydrodipping on his wheels. Anything that can be painted can be Hydrodipped.

So it goes like this.. First you need to paint the product you want hydrodipped. So the basics of auto painting need to be applied. 2K Basecoat is the best option. The parts need to be primed accordingly, if it's plastic use plastic primer or metal use etch primer. Then spray the 2k Basecoat.

You can choose any colour you want. Different colours give different effects when the hydrographics are applied. Once the parts have been sprayed you have about an hour to get them dipped. Now that the graphic is on the product it needs to sit under a shower for a few minutes to clean the clear film that's left over from the graphics. What you have now is a part with 2k basecoat and hydrographics on top of that base.

A clear coat now needs to be applied to the product. Dave decided he wanted to spray candy then a pearl over the graphics for an added effect. Once the final layers were painted the 2K clear went down and allowed to dry overnight. The final product is an