Rupes Bigfoot LHR15 MK II Orbital Polisher

Kit: Machine Only

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The Rupes LHR15 MK2 represents the benchmark of dual-action polishers today that has truly set the standard for all other polishers on the market to follow.


This polisher is well recognised as the detailing industry standard machine and praised for its extremely well-balanced and smooth-running gear that is equally matched with its impressive torque and paint correction abilities.

The Rupes LHR15 MK2 builds on the foundation established by the MK1 by adding 30% more torque and power to reduce machine stall around panel curves and crevices as well as improving on the balance of the polisher and adding more ergonomic hand grips for a better feel and improved overall user experience.

Its 125mm backing plate and 15mm orbital throw matched to a highly efficient and unique 500-watt motor is capable of running speeds between 2500-5300 OPM.

Although many other polishers on the market today can claim similar stats and specs to the Rupes LHR15 MK2, there are few, if any, that come even close to matching this machine’s unbelievably smooth and well-balanced feel not to mention the impressive cut and finish on automotive paint that has made it the polisher of choice for detailing professionals.

Perhaps the only real drawback of the Rupes LHR15 MK2 is that once you use it, it will be difficult to go back to using anything else!



  • Fatigue-free user experience
  • Powerful, safe, and ergonomic to use
  • Very smooth
  • Ideal for the enthusiast, or professional detailer
  • 500 Watt Motor, with 15mm throw 
  • RPM: 2000-5000OPM


Deluxe Kit Contains:

  • Rupes Bigfoot LHR15 Mark II 15mm Orbital Polisher
  • Rupes Bigfoot Mark II Bag
  • Zephir Gel Compound 250ml
  • Quartz Gel Compound 250ml
  • Keramik Gloss 250ml
  • Diamond Gloss 250ml
  • 130/150mm (6 inch) Polishing foam (blue / coarse)
  • 130/150mm (6 inch) Polishing foam (green / medium)
  • 130/150mm (6 inch) Polishing foam (yellow / fine)
  • 130/150mm (6 inch) Polishing buffer (white / ultra fine)
  • Microfibre cloths x4
  • RUPES BigFoot branded apron

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