Kovax Tolecut card Sanding Kit



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 Repair nibs & runs with Full Sheets using the curved Toleblock QM or flexible Tolecard. The Full Sheets QM Kit includes an assortment of Tolecut Full Sheets. 

In the kit

191-1511 Tolecut Full Sheet Black K-3000 Box of 25

191-1519 Tolecut Full Sheet Blue K-2500 1 sheets

191-1512 Tolecut Full Sheet Green K-2000 Box of 25

191-1513 Tolecut Full Sheet Pink K-1500 Box of 25

191-1516 Tolecut Full Sheet Orange K-1200 1 sheet

971-0059 Toleblock QM 1 block

971-0048 Tolecard 2 card 

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