Gyeon Q2M Wheel Brush Large

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As we all know, Gyeon Quartz takes paint protection and maintenance to another level and we have been waiting for this brush for some time now!

The new Gyeon Q2M Wheel Brush Large has been designed from the same quality microfibre as their Smoothie Mitt. This ensures a super safe, high quality brush to clean the most delicate of wheels including matte wheels without damaging the finish.

Made with a durable soft-touch handle and anti-splash back protector, this brush is chemical resistant, offers the ability to get into hard-to-reach areas and suits both enthusiasts and professionals that are as pedantic about cleaning wheels as paintwork.

Suitable for all wheel types including after-market wheels such as 2 or 3 piece alloys, gloss finishes and matte finishes.


16 × 8 cm microfibre brush head 46 cm total brush length (handle+brush) Soft-touch ergonomic handle

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