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  • Carlack Nano Long Life Selant 500ml

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    Car-Lack Long Life Sealant  ’Acrylic Wax’ gently protects your bodywork by providing UV protection and a hard durable acrylic finish giving advanced protection against the harsh weather elements that include rain, heat, cold/freeze, salt, acidic contaminants (eg bird waste), grime and other pollutants such as mild detergents. This is the perfect partner to Car-Lack Systematic care in that it can be layered on top of the base product giving enhanced protection. One application can last as long as 12 months!

    As CarLack ’Acryl Wax’ contains no cleaning agents it can be layered on a frequent basis to build up an extremely durable protective coating over the surface over an extended period of time. Also, due to the enhanced acrylic properties over CarLack-68 Systematic care - it builds a smoother, more uniformly reflective finish giving an unparalleled high gloss sheen.