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  • Auto Finesse Tough Coat 250ml

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    Tough Coat by Auto Finesse is the quick and easy way to enhance, and protect your car for up to 6 months.


    Auto Finesse Tough Coat Paint Sealant is an acrylic-polymer spray-on sealant that offers a high degree of protection against environmental contaminants.

    It has strong water-repellency, aswell as producing immense gloss onto the vehicles paintwork. This will help your vehicle stay cleaner for longer between washes, and will last approximately 3-6 months. Tough coat is easy to apply in all weather conditioners.

    Tough Coat is layerable, and can be used as a topper over any wax, sealant or coating - or simply used as a stand alone product.

    Tough coat will give the paint a warm, deep shine, with great long-lasting protection.


    • Protects against environmental contaminants and the elements
    • 6-month durability
    • Glass like shine, extreme wet look
    • Carnauba Wax Friendly


    1. Ensure surface is clean, dry and free from contaminants
    2. Using an applicator, apply spraringly to the surface without pressure in small overlapping circular motions, to ensure complete coverage
    3. Once cured, remove excess with a microfiber cloth
    4. If "patching" occurs, apply a second coat, this will even out the coating