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    This is the closest you can get to chrome with spray paint. The chrome must go over gloss 2k black.

    Once the black has cured the chrome paint can be sprayed.

    The chrome is quite durable in this finish.

    For extra protection you can spray a clear coat
    After approximately 4 days the chrome can be coated with the Easy Chrome 1K Clear.
    This clear will make the chrome look a slight less reflective. After the first coat of Easy Chrome Clear, you can spray any 2k clear over the parts being painted.

    This will bring back the reflection and give a chrome look.

    Step 1: Spray 2k Black Paint
    Step 2: Spray Chrome Paint (once black is fully cured)
    Step 3: Optional Spray Easy Chrome Clear Coat. (one coat)
    Step 4: Optional Spray 2k Clear for extra shine and protection.

    Click here for a more detailed guide to Easy Chrome

    Tints are available to colour the chrome. Here

    Sizes available are

    Bottle chrome only

    25ml - $50.00
    50ml - $97.40
    100ml $150.00

    150ml $199.00
    250ml $370.00
    500ml $720.00
    1L    - $1399.00



    Kits below includes black and clear (size indicates amount of chrome in kit)

    25ml - $99.00
    50ml $189.00
    150ml $349.00
    250ml $550.00

    The Chrome can also be brushed.

    Black base must be sprayed

    An idea of coverage. 250ml of chrome covers 4 rims like in the picture inside and out. 

    Kits Available

    25ml Kit $99.00

    75ml Black Base
    25ml Chrome
    50ml Clear

    50ml Kit $189

    150ml Black Base
    50ml Chrome
    100ml Clear

    150ml Kit $349.00

    250ml Black Base
    150ml Chrome
    100ml Clear

    250ml Kit $550.00

    750ml Black Base
    250ml Chrome
    250ml Clear

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    black base

    Clear Coat