PPC Rust Products

All available in our store, PPC Products are an Australian owned and run company has been established for over 12 years in Australia.

We specialise in a range of imported and local, proven products that are guaranteed to work. With 68 distributors spread around Australia there should be one near you. If not, we courier to all parts of Australia.

The PPC product range is extensive, including:

  • POR-15 (USA): Rust Preventive Paint has a 30 year unbeaten reputation and has been used in all sorts of car restorations and anti rust situations for over 30 years in the USA and around the world. They have an extensive product range that covers all sorts of restoration, rust or corrosion issues as well as hard floor paints.
  • Bilt-Hamber (UK): Rust removers (developed for the military) as well as a range of car care products. Deox C and Deox Gel removes rust and leaves the metal clean and ready to paint. They also have a range of car care products, polish, washes, clay bars and cavity wax, etc.
  • Leatherique (USA) (leather ‘eek): Leather restoration products ( recommended by Rolls Royce Club USA) To soften, clean or rejuvenate leather, from car seats to lounges, their Rejuvinator Oil and Prestine Clean are the best products to use. For a full restoration add the Crack Filler and Matched Dyes.
  • Eastwood(USA): PPC has a NEW range of aerosol paint and ancillary products in stock from the well-known USA, EASTWOOD Company. Some examples are the Eastwoods Black Wrinkle paint, Silver Cad to redo Alternators and other bits to the original silver cad. Look. There is Alum Blast for the aluminium look, a Silver Heat paint for the exhaust pipe and silencers, a Brake Grey, a Steering Wheel Repair Kit and the list goes on. Have a look at the Eastwood section on the site or call for our free catalogue.

PPC have become experts in rust repair, corrosion and general restoration in the motor, marine and industrial areas.