Designer Wraps Spray Film

Designer Wraps SPRAY is a durable, fast drying, spray-on coating that is completely removable. Ideally suited for hard-to-wrap items, such as: wheels, badges, grilles, wing mirrors, interior trim and other difficult pieces. The two Matte colours have been specifically developed to match the Designer Wraps STANDARD range of adhesive-backed vinyls. Identical colours across the two product lines enables you to colour-match a host of different products, providing an endless world of customising possibilities, it’s what makes the Designer Wraps program so innovative and unique.

Designer Wraps SPRAY is easy to use, it lays down silky smooth and offers excellent coverage. Ease of application allows Designer Wraps SPRAY to be applied over almost any properly cleaned and prepared surface for maximum impact.

If you ever want to change or update the look, simply peel it off, leaving a residue-free finish with no staining.

Below are the MSDS files for three of the Designer Wraps products we supply at VG Auto Paints and Tools