All Enamel products are available in our store. Enamel Paints: Enamel Paints are mainly used for trailers, trucks, concrete and machinery because it is cheap and is great for the jobs where the finish dosn't need to be perfect. You are limited to the colours that can be mixed in Enamel, for eample no metallics or pearls.

There are two types of enamel paint

1. Quick Dry Enamel - Equipment Enamel

QD Enamel is the cheaper of the two, it is the quicker drying.

QD Enamel also fades Quicker.

A hardener can be used to make the paint dry stronger

2. Automotive Enamel

Auto Enamel is a bit more expensive, but the finish is a lot stronger and lasts a very long time. (if painted correctly)

A Hardener can be used, the paint is only fully cured in a couple of days.