Available in Acrylic or Enamel Paint, Colourbond, Pantone, Dulux, Window Frames and Industrial Colours. Spray cans can be used to do almost any job. We would not recommend using spray cans on large repairs as it is quite difficult to get a quality finish.

We can also pump your colour into a spray can. With Fast Turn around from 1 can to 1000.

We can mix from a paint code - $27.50 per can or $22 per can for 10 or more.

Or if there is no paint code Match a colour then pump it into a spray can.

For 1 can of paint matched to a sample its $37.50 or for 10 or more cans its $22.00 each including matching to a sample

Our spray cans are of the best quality, with over 10 000 sold in the last year, we can ensure the best results.

We also stock a huge range of Vinyl, Enamel and heat proof spray cans.

Colour Matched Custom Spray Cans



Aerosole Primers