Paint Mixing

This is when we mix paint from a colour code or colour name. This is the quickest and easiest way to get the colour you are after. The colour code is located on the vehicle on a plate, most of the time it will say (paint) then a 2 or 4 digit number/letter. For help getting your paint code you can call a dealership and quote the VIN number of the vehicle.

We can mix paint from 250ml to 20L quantities.

. Finding Your Car's Paint Code

For help finding your paint code. Click Here. Note: this website is just a guide and has no link to VG's

Paint Matching

This is when the colour code is not available or you would like your mixed colour to be checked and adjusted to the car or sample panel.

Sometimes the colour code will be slightly different to the car colour due to fading or variant in the original painting process.

We can mix paint from 500ml to 20L quantities.

We can also mix or match paint and pump into a spray can.