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    This is a basic beginner course.

    No equipment is needed, prior skill or knowledge.

    All you need is an open area like a garage or backyard to spray.

    You would also need an internet connection and a device with a camera like a phone or laptop.

    Learn how to paint

    Candy colours,
    Colour Shift
    Marble effect
    Fluro Colours
    Metal Flake
    2 tone and vinyl masking.

    What is involved.

    We send you a kit that has all the products needed to complete the lesson.

    It includes all paints, primer and safety gear.

    There is enough paint to complete the lesson and you will have leftover for your own projects.

    This kit alone is worth over $350


    Following products in spray cans

    Etch primer
    Colour Shift
    Silver Base
    Black Base
    2k Clear
    Prep Wash

    Microfibre cloths
    Tac Rags
    Speed Shapes
    Spray Mask

    This paint will be great for calipers or engine bay, also wheels or anything else you would like to custom paint.

    Get your friends together or do it yourself.

    Once you get your products you can go live with Dave From Custom Spray Mods to guide you through the lesson and answer any questions you have about custom painting.