Check Out Our New Showroom

24 OCTOBER 2016

You may or may not know, but VG Auto Paints have been at this location for over 30 years.

We have just undergone an interior overhaul to our retail shop.

Its bigger, cleaner and easier to navigate. This means we can stock a bigger range of products and tools needed, to complete any restoration, custom paint job or simple repair you maybe undertaking.

We now stock the entire range of KC Tools and have them all on display so you can check out anything from a replacement 10mm socket to an entire toolkit.

Our entire range of Spray Cans are visible as soon as you approach the counter.

This includes a great range of Clear coats, Primers for any application, heat paint, calliper paint, Adhesion promoters, Wrinkle Finish, Night Shades, Vinyl Paint and much more.

But it doesn’t end there. You can order any colour you want from the counter and we will custom make it while you wait. You can even bring in a sample of a colour. We can match it then pump it in a can.

As you walk around the spray cans, you come across a huge range of products that are only found in a specialised paint shop like VG’s. The best type of Masking Tape, Mixing Cups, Paint strainers, Under body coatings, tack rags and much more.

These are the items that the pro’s use, and we make them available to everyone.

Continuing on through the shop you get to the most exciting part.

Custom Paint, Candy Paints, Flakes, Crystal Effects and more. In this section you will find awesome colours for any custom paint job you may be thinking about. You can even chill out and watch some Custom Painting and repair Videos by CustomSprayMods, The YouTube Channel with over 14million views and a following from DIY enthusiasts all over the globe. VG Auto Paints Supports the show so all the products used are available in the shop.

Also the Star of the Show Dave, is available to chat anytime about your project. He can also create a custom colour for you. All you need is an idea and Dave will create a colour for you and adjust it till your happy with it.

Next you come to the polishes and buffing products.

This is the stuff you need to get your paintwork looking amazing. Buff pads for all applications, compound and polishes used by professionals. From paint protection to headlight restoration, we have you covered.

A hop and a skip over the entrance and you come to the POR15 section, the best rust prevention products on the market. There are products to cure your rust problems, repair a fuel tank or repair and dye leather parts.

Watch your back because you cant miss the spray guns, our range of spray guns will satisfy any painting need you have. We only sell quality spray guns that we know will perform well.

The west wing of the shop is dedicated to body repairs. All your Filling, Fibre Glassing, sanding, grinding, cutting, gluing, sealing, dent pulling, masking and safety needs.

We also have a whole aisle dedicated to Paint.

Primers, Clears, Topcoats and more. Products like Concept Paints, Made in Australia, a great family owned business that VG Auto Paints have stood by since they began in the early 1990’s. A great price and even greater product. We have tried and tested all Concept Paints and stand by their quality and performance.

Industrial Paint, Epoxy Primers, HS Clear coats, Hammertone paints and more, in this section you will be able to get products for nearly any paint project your taking on.

You can also order any colour you want at the counter and we will mix and match if needed while you wait.

It doesn’t end there. At VG Auto Paints we hold weekly lessons and monthly Free Lessons that go over the basics of Painting and body repairs.

You can also attend a Custom Painting Lesson and learn about some sweet special effects.

We look forward to helping out any DIY Guy or Girl who wish to take on any project they desire. At VG Auto Paints you can feel comfortable to ask any question and get great advice on any auto painting project.