VG Lessons

24 OCTOBER 2016

Dent Spray lesson notes click here.

Have you ever thought about taking your painting skills to the next level?

If you're a DIY guru and have been using spray cans for a while now, Maybe it's time to step up to a spray gun. Here at VG Auto Paints we hold FREE Spray, Dent repair and buffing lessons.

We teach you how to set up a spray gun, apply primer,colour and clear, repair a dent and Sand and buff paint work and more.

The lessons run on a Saturday morning from 8am till about 11:30.

Normally there are from 20 to 40 people who attend. Everyone sits down and the two trainers start the lesson.

During the lesson you have an opportunity to come up and use the spray guns and Buffing machines. No experience is necessary as the trainers will guide you through the steps and proper ways to use the equipment.

VG Auto Paints have been holding these free lessons for the last 7 years and over the years have had thousands of people attend. Some people have gone so far as to continue study at TAFE and some people have used the lessons to gain knowledge for their current work or to get a job where knowing how to paint is a great asset.

In addition to the free lessons, VG Auto Paints also hold Hands On Lessons.

These lessons run for about a day, it's normally on a Friday. We also hold the hands on lessons on Thursday nights for 3 weeks in a row.

The hands on lesson is exactly what you think. HANDS ON. You get a panel, you hit it with a hammer, then you repair and paint it.

The skills in this lesson include.

  • Metal prep
  • Filling dents with body filler
  • Etch Priming
  • Spray putty
  • Sanding primer and clear
  • Spraying colour and clear
  • Setting up a spray gun
  • Buffing and polishing
  • General spray painting tips and tricks

You can choose to use 2 Pack or Acrylic paint, you also get to keep your panel and you will also get discounts in the store if you wish to purchase any equipment.

No experience is needed at all so everyone is welcome.

The cost of this Hands On Lesson is $300.00

It's important to remember that once you complete this lesson you become a VIP here at VG Auto Paints. Any questions, queries or problems you have will be answered by our staff and trainers. If you need to come back and get some more information or test a certain spray gun, buffing machine or colour, your always welcome back here at VGs.

Now that you know the basics of spray painting, it may be time for you to take on CUSTOM SPRAY MODS custom painting class.

It too goes over spray gun setup and a few basics of spray painting, but in this class you will get to try out and learn how to use the special effects of paint.This includes.

  • Mutant crystals
  • Candy Paints
  • Marble effects
  • Metal Flakes
  • Masking Lines and flow coating

No experience is needed so once again anyone can join.

The cost of this lesson is $150 per person, but if you have already completed one of our paid lessons, you get a $50 discount off either one.